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Aluminium Anodes

Sacrificial Aluminium Anode / Aluminium Anode

Aluminium sacrificial anodes for use onboard ships. These anodes are designed for flushed mounting as well as c clamp mounting. Chemical Composition Chemical composition of the anodes is as under:

Zinc : 2.0-5.0% 1.75 -5.75%
Copper : 0.05% max 0.006 max
Silicon : 0.13% max 0.08-0.20%
Iron 0.13% max 0.11% max
Indium 0.01-0.05% 0.01-0.03%
Aluminium Reminder Reminder

Electric Potential Capacity and potential details of anodes are as under: Open Circuit Potential -1.07 V (Ag/AgCl reference cell) Anode Capacity: 2550 Ah/kg Consumption Rate : 3.4 kg/A-year