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MMO Coated Titanium Anodes

Substrate Pure titanium Grade1 or Grade2 Surface Will be coated with Ruthenium and Iridium,platinum,PbO2 Specification according to customer's drawing

Types of Anodes with MMO (Mixed Metal Oxides) coatings :

  • Ruthenium-Iridium titanium anod
  • Ruthenium-Iridium-stannum titanium anode
  • Iridium-Tantalum titanium anode
  • Ruthenium-titanium anode
  • Platinum titanium anode
  • Lead dioxide titanium anode Manufacturing processes
  • Pre-treatment: choosing right material, cutting ,welding accordingly , annealing ,cleansing ,acid etching
  • Preparing noble metal: be made up in proportion of mol according to customer's application
  • Brush painting :coated by 12 to15 times
  • ) thermal decomposition of oxidation Features
  • Stable working ability under high current density & Voltage
  • High electrolysis efficiency
  • Stable electrolysis ability
  • High anti-corrosion property
  • The matrix can be recycled and recoated with MMO for reuse
  • Long working life etc.


Water ionizer, alkaline & Acidic water production, deionized water in cosmetic, disinfection, clean etc.

For sodium hypochlorite disinfecting machine, titanium electrode for spot ozonolysis, titanium electrode for sewage treatment and cathodic protection.


  • All Weights & Dimensions are normal
  • Non-standard anodes of other weights or dimensions are also available on request
  • We supply Anodes as per customer’s requirement