Prepacked Zinc Anodes

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Prepacked Zinc Anodes

Zinc Anodes are cast from a high purity zinc alloy to ensure an even corrosion pattern, reliable electrical efficiency and long working life.

The zinc alloy is in accordance with the ASTM B-418 specifications.

Anodes shall conform to ASTM B 418, and shall be a prepackaged zinc alloy ingot of the following chemical composition:

TYPE II (Soil resistivity 1000ohm-cm
Fe: 0.0014% Max.
Pb: 0.003% Max.
Cu: 0.002% Max.
AI: 0.005% Max.
Cd: 0.003% Max.
Zn: Remainder
  • Electrical properties: Anode
  • Potential: :1.10 Volts
  • Ampere: :
  • hours / Kg:780 (min.)